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Aerial photos of Broadway, VA.
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IMG_5160 - Broadway, VA - April 2013
IMG_1534 - Broadway, VA - July 2008
Greg "Going into the Aerial Photo..."
... of Broadway, Virginia

This is the photo that started it all!

In July 2008, I noticed the cross on the mountain and took this photo, with the town of Broadway, VA in the foreground. 
I showed this to the Mayor, who bought the photo and then invited me to exhibit during their Annual Craft Festival. 

After selling out and having to run back to print more photos twice during the festival... plus, receiving requests for many, many of the neighboring communities...
my "America from the Sky" collection was born. 

The 3,000+ photos in this collection would not be here if not for the kindness and generosity of dozens of people in Broadway, and all of the communities since this photo has been taken... and especially the cross that gave me
the ultimate inspiration! 

Thank you!   - Greg C.


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